I. vote vote 2 noun
1. [countable] when a group of people vote in order to decide or choose something:

• The results of the vote were surprising — 80% of workers favoured strike action.

• Creditors will take a vote on the reorganization plan later this year.

2. [countable] a choice or decision that someone makes by voting in an election or meeting:

• The union was only 23 votes short of the majority it needed.

ˌblock ˈvote [countable]
in Britain, the system of voting used at a meeting of the Trades Union Congress. When heads of trades unions vote, each head does not have just one vote, but has as many votes as he or she has members:

• The outcome turned on the block votes of union delegations at opposite ends of the conflict.

ˈcasting ˌvote [countable]
an extra vote that someone in charge of a meeting can have, which is only used if there are exactly the same number of votes for and against something:

• He missed being sacked only by the Chairman's casting vote.

3. [countable] the right to vote:

• Each share carries a vote.

4. [singular] the total number of votes made in an election or the total number of people who vote:

• Their proposal to oust the board got 78% of the vote.

  [m0] II. vote vote 1 [vəʊt ǁ voʊt] verb [intransitive, transitive]
to show by marking a paper, raising your hand etc which person you want to elect or whether you support a particular plan:
vote for/​against

• 23% of shareholders voted for him as a new director.

• The board voted against filing a suit to recover the money.

vote to do something

• Committee members voted 9-2 to raise interest rates.

vote something down

• The settlement offer collapsed after the House of Representatives voted it down (= rejected it ) .

vote somebody in

• The chairman was voted in (= elected ) by a 12-1 majority.

— voter noun [countable] :

• Voters did not like their anti-European stance.

* * *

vote UK US /vəʊt/ verb [I or T] GOVERNMENT, MEETINGS
to express your choice or opinion, especially by writing a mark on an official paper or by raising your hand: »

Are you eligible to vote?


She was voted Britain's best boss.

vote for/against sb/sth »

They voted for a strike.

vote in favour of sth »

A slim majority of shareholders voted in favor of the changes.

vote on sth »

Union members will vote on the agreement next week.

vote to do sth »

The monetary policy committee voted to keep rates at 3.75%.

vote sb in/out »

He was voted in as president.

vote UK US /vəʊt/ noun [C]
a choice that someone makes in an election or meeting especially by writing a mark on an official paper or by raising their hand: »

We lost by 524 votes.


About 120 million Americans cast a vote in the election.

a vote for/against sb/sth »

He was heavily criticized for his vote against raising the minimum wage.


But a president always casts the deciding vote.

a method of making a decision by asking a group of people to vote: »

The bill still faces a final vote.

lose/win a vote »

The leadership was shocked when they lost this vote.

a vote on sth »

He faces a vote on his future at an annual meeting next week.

have/hold/take a vote (on sth) »

They held a vote on the company's new name.

the vote — Cf. the vote
See also BLOCK VOTE(Cf. ↑block vote), CASTING VOTE(Cf. ↑casting vote)

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